Disc Review

Disc Review

ARP-Defender vs. Gladiator comparison and review

We compare 2 overstable distance drivers the Dynamic Discs Defender vs. the Latitude 64 Gladiator. In a head to head battle, who will come on top? Special thanks to Dynamic Discs for providing us with these discs to test out. Grab a Defender or Gladiator for yourself on their website. https://www.dynamicdiscs.com  

ARP-Disc Review Dynamic Discs Raider Review

We review the Dynamic Discs Raider in the Fuzion plastic. This is a high speed driver and it’s new for the 2019 season. Thank you to Dynamic Discs for supplying the disc for this review! Check out Dynamic Discs to get your hands on a Raider or one of their other awesome discs. https://www.dynamicdiscs.com

ARP- Disc Review – Discraft Undertaker

Ace Run Productions Presents Disc Review – Discraft Undertaker The finale to the Paul McBeth 1st Run Reviews.   *****To win this Disc***** Subscribe and have your friends and family subscribe. Keep your eyes on the prize and watch the channel for the announcement of the winner Video to drop.