About Us

Ace Run Productions is a media team based out of Atlanta Georgia USA. We aim to bring quality content of the sport of Disc Golf throughout the Southeast and the rest of the country.

We were formed by doing two-man disc reviews. We have evolved into doing post-produced tournament coverage, disc reviews, challenge videos, and more. Please come along on this ride with us as we spread the word about this sport that we love and help “Grow the Sport”.

We are Conrad and Felix, please come and say hello next time you see us out there.



Conrad learned about the sport in 1999 from Disc Golf Hall of Famer, John David. He didn’t throw a disc until 2017.  That year was the year that he and his ball golf league partner slowly transitioned into disc golf. A year later, with cobb webs on the clubs and a rack full of discs, Ace Run Pro was formed. 
In his short time in the sport, he has been a Tournament Director, on the Board for a local club, an Ambassador for a local brand, and a beta tester for products and software. 
He represented Infinite Discs in 2020 and is again excited to a part of Team Infinite for another year.  

Conrad | #100178 

Catch Camera | Graphics | Back Office


Felix began playing disc golf in early 2017 after being introduced to the sport by some buddies from his church. At the time ball golf was the only kind of golf he knew about. After watching a few videos and buying a starter pack, he was hooked. He began working with Conrad on disc reviews towards the end of 2018 and in early 2019 Ace Run Productions became a reality.
It has been a crazy ride over the past few years getting to this point, but he has enjoyed every moment and can’t thank the sport and community enough for what it has done for him.

Felix | #97816

Player Camera | Editing | Promotions






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