Ace Run Productions presents the 3rd edition of the The Tree Strike Challenge. We have brought back Chris Dickerson who is ( 2-0 ) in this series against Zach Melton ( 0-2 ). These 2 will battle it out at the Pipeline DGC which is a heavily wooded course. We need to thank Dynamic Discs for being the main sponsor for this challenge. Check out there link below. As always a big thank you to our Patreon supporters for helping to make this happen.

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Rules for the challenge :
Any shot that hits a tree and causes a redirect in the air or off a skip will result in a one stroke penalty. Think of it as an out of bounds stroke.
Stroke play rules apply. At the end of the round the lowest score will win. If there is a a tie after 18 holes, there will be a playoff where both competitors will throw with their opposite hand.

Thank you to Chris Dickerson and Zach Melton. Check out their links below.

Chris Dickerson –
Zach Melton –

Thank you to Dynamic Discs! Check out their link below

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