Ace Run Productions Presents- A review of the Infinite Discs Sphinx. This is a neutral to understable fairway driver with flight numbers of 9 | 6 | -3 | 1 and we are testing 4 different plastics. We test out the I-Blend, G-Blend, S-Blend, and Splatter S Blend. We throw these discs in an open field on different lines on a day with little to no wind to give you an idea of the true flight of these discs. See how this mold performs for us individually and how we rate this mold in the end.

We use a 4 tier rating system when reviewing a disc.

*In The Basket – A disc that can do no wrong. It is reliable and you are confident throwing every time.
*In The Bag – A disc that you would put in the bag and use during a round on any course.
*In The Trunk – A disc that you may use on certain courses or in certain conditions.
*In The Garage – A disc that just didn’t click with our arm/throwing style.

Comment below on if you think this disc would make your bag and let us know if you’ve ever tried an Infinite Discs mold before. Thank you so much for watching and we appreciate the support.

Special thank you to Infinite Discs for supplying us with the Sphinx to test out during this review.

To get you hands on a Sphinx today slick on the link below.