Ace Run Productions Presents – A review of the DGA Torrent in the SP Line Plastic. This Distance driver has flight numbers of 14 | 5 | -1 | 2. This driver although being high speed is controllable and just understable enough to perform well with players of different skill levels. In this video, you will see this disc thrown by an intermediate player, an advanced player and a DGA sponsored pro Ben Llena. See how this disc performs for us in the field on different lines on both forehand and backhand. See if the Torrent is a fit for your game.

A big thank you to DGA Discs for supplying us with this disc to test out. To get your hands on one today head on over to the link below.

A special thank you to Ben Llena for helping us out with this video as well. Follow Ben below

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check out his page on DGA :

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